Online Business Expert Rameez Rk Finally Reveals...

How To Build A List of 10,000 Subscribers In 14 Days Or Less...

Dear Struggling Marketer,

I’m about to share the weird method I personally use to build big lists that start generating over $100 a day in two weeks or less so pay close attention.

Hey, I’m Rameez Khokhar…

And today, I want to show you how you can make sales on demand with a rapid list building strategy that can be putting money in your PayPal account in practically no time at all.

In just 2 weeks from now, you could have a growing list of buyers and commissions hitting your PayPal account every day…

Even if you’ve never built a list before, don’t know the first thing about getting traffic...

And don’t have a whole lot of time to spend working on your business.

I can say that with total confidence because once upon a time...

I Was Exactly Like You....

I wasn’t always a list building genius who could create several $100+ a day income streams every few months…

In fact, I was a broke, miserable customer service employee with dozens of failed internet ventures for SEVEN years.

Yes… Every single day for 7 whole years I’d wake up, go answer the phones for an electronics company

And come home to see that my internet businesses had made a total of $0.00 that day.

My alarm would go off at 6am…

I’d drag myself into my work clothes…

And then I’d sit at my desk with my headset on and deal with angry customers all day.

After every call I’d look at the clock hoping it would nearly be home time

But as this was a place where time practically stood still there would always be hours to go.

Even when the day was finished...

I’d have to sit in endless traffic with all the other guys who hated their jobs.

I’d be lucky if I was home by 7pm most days so I’d barely ever have more than a couple of hours to work on my business...

That’s Why I Loved Trying To Take Shortcuts.

I didn’t have time to spend hours doing SEO campaigns or the energy to create mountains of content that nobody would ever read so…

I always looked for the fastest, most direct way to make sales and for a long time every attempt failed miserably. I couldn’t work out why.

It felt like everybody else was crushing it using their “formulas” and their “systems” while I continually struggled to make a single sale.

Hundreds of dollars, sometimes thousands were leaving my bank account every month

And as a customer service rep I couldn’t afford to throw this kind of money away.

My credit cards were extremely close to being maxed out

And I’d accumulated so much debt that even paying the minimum every month would be out of the question.

I’d already embarrassed myself in front of my friends and family by telling them I was trying to make my living online

And then failing for years to make that happen…

I couldn’t embarrass myself even more by admitting that I had over $20,000 to pay back and no way to do it.

Enough Was Enough. It Was Time To Put On My “Big Boy Pants”…

I had to either make it work online or admit that the life of a customer service rep making $11 an hour was all I’d ever amount too.

I went back to the drawing board and quickly realized that EVERY successful six-figure marketer builds their own list and I needed to do that too.

To be successful, I needed a simple funnel and a way to get people to that funnel so they could buy from me.

It felt so simple that I tricked myself into thinking it was going to be really easy to make money but of course… It wasn’t.

I had bits and pieces of information from dozens of courses, programs and trainings I’d taken over the years.

I’d spent so much money on this stuff that I’d now become totally overwhelmed by everything and so even though I needed to take action badly…

I found myself procrastinating and getting less stuff done.

I guess I’d become disheartened by the whole thing. If you’ve ever tried and failed to build a full time income online then maybe you’ve felt like that too.

The excitement of knowing that I could still make it online and have the freedom to work when I want from wherever I want kept me going and that’s when I struck absolute gold.

Overnight, A Really Simple Funnel Generated $1681 In Commissions.

I’d never made anywhere near this in a day before! And the truth is I was at such a low point I would have been delighted to wake up and see $81 in my PayPal account…

$1681 was incredible.

It wasn’t life-changing money, it would barely make a dent in the credit card debt I’d racked up but boy, that day I felt like a millionaire!

And what was really exciting is that it only cost me $220 to generate nearly $1700 in sales.

Of course I wanted to make sure this wasn’t a one off success story and my “beginners luck” hadn’t just arrived 7 years later so I invested another $300 in growing my list.

I made money again.

This time I got 1,000 clicks to my website, 335 new subscribers and a flood of new sales worth over $1400.

I rapidly started investing more of my profits back into growing my list and within two weeks of launch I had well over 2,000 subscribers and $5k in sales.

Today, that list is over 50,000 subscribers strong and continues to generate sales on demand every time I send an email.

These Strategies Are Generating $100+ A Day Income Streams In Over 5 Different Niches!

And now I want to show you how you can do the same.

Until you know how to build profit pulling lists filled with people who want to buy from you

You’ll never make a full time income online.

It’s been a long time since I woke up to answer phones for a crappy boss because this strategy grows my bank account by $300-$500 every single day even when I’m not working!

If you want to have your own super simple funnel up, ready for big sales in less than 2 weeks from today then listen:

I’ve done all the hard work for you…

I’ve laid out everything you need to become super-successful online in weeks inside my program!


14 Day List Building...

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Now… How much do you think most marketers making over $100k a year would charge to give you a system that could be making money in less than 2 weeks from today?

$2,000?… $1,000? If they were generous maybe they’d do it for $500 but I’m not going to ask you to invest anywhere near that amount today…

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Rameez Khokhar's 14-Day List Building Blueprint - List Building Strategies On Steroids!

P.S. I’m more than a little concerned that someone may force me to pull this letter down sooner than I would like! You see, I’ve made some very rich people mad by revealing the tricks they use to scam money from honest, hard-working people like you and me. Naturally, these “gurus” don’t like this one bit and will do just about anything to shut me up. That’s why I can’t guarantee this page will be here in a week or even tomorrow for that matter. So please, if you would like to try my system, don’t wait, order now!

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Rameez Khokhar's 14-Day List Building Blueprint - List Building Strategies On Steroids!